Zion to Canyonlands

Sunset at Needles Outpost
Sunset at Needles Outpost

Sorry for the radio silence, but we’ve been in remote country since we left the Zion area. We had a beautiful—and sometimes harrowing, in the high mountains—drive through the interior of Utah; spent a really cool night on some BLM land near Capitol Reef National Park that looked like it was the surface of the moon; took a detour to Goblin Valley State Park; and are now camped at Needles Outpost, a nice little private park with an interesting history1. The campground is right outside the southern entrance to Canyonlands National Park, which is beautiful and unlike any other landscape we’ve seen so far. It is also much less crowded than the parks up by Moab (which will be our final destination on this trip2), a nice contrast from Zion, which, while beautiful, was crowded.

I am way behind on getting photos ready from our travels. I’ve just put up a gallery of our time at Valley of Fire (which seems a lifetime ago, to be honest), and am working on one from Zion, but the reality is that we probably won’t post a lot of photos until we’re closer to home.

Home. Susan and I remarked yesterday that, in two weeks, we’d be home. That’s a wild thought, and the first time since we left that it entered our heads. We’ve been on the road for six weeks now, and have had many great, and different, adventures. The contrast in the landscapes we’ve been through has been amazing, each beautiful in its own way. I’m glad we saved Utah for last: the grandeur of the canyons and mountains in this state is stunning in its magnificence and scale. I’ve driven through parts of this state, but spending time here has been fantastic.

We’re dropping back off the grid today—we drove into cell range so we could let folks know where we are, and that we’re ok—and should be back online next week, as we prepare for the last legs of our trip home.

  1. The campground, with a small store, gas and about 50 sites, was formerly run by a couple for whom hospitality was an afterthought. Susan stayed here years ago and didn’t have any bad encounters with the hosts, but the Internet is full of screeds against them. Luckily, the camp has been bought by new owners, who appear to feel a bit differently about being in the service industry.
  2. In fact, we are not planning on going to Arches National Park. The crowds over there are crazy right now (are they always?), and I have no desire to take the same damn picture of the arch that everyone else does. You ok with that, Matt? 😉

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