Valley of the Gods

Our campsite in the gorgeous Valley of the Gods! Rick had his camera out immediately. (Photo credit: Susan)

We found a magical place to camp the other night, on our way to Capitol Reef.

Valley of the Gods would not even have been on our radar if we hadn’t caught a post by Becky of Interstellar Orchard (thank you, Becky!) describing its beauty and excellence as a boondocking location. The timing was right for us; we had thought we’d make it as far as Glen Canyon or Hite that evening, but it had been a long driving day, and as we left Monument Valley—which was spectacular and crowded—we were tired and ready to find a home for the night.

Following Becky’s clear directions, we wound our way up highway 163 to the brown ‘Valley of the Gods’ sign and turned onto a dirt road that immediately took us over a cattle guard and through a small stream in a wash. There hadn’t been too much rain lately, or the road would have been impassable. As we climbed higher, the stunning vistas opened up. There were other trailers and campers already settled in various sites along the way, but about two miles in we found the perfect little pullout, framed by Rooster Rock and Sitting Hen Rock, smack in the middle of 360 degrees of awesome.

I could have stood there staring at that landscape for hours. Attempts to describe it are feeble; it’s like trying to describe the night sky. Vast, magnificent, alien; the sense of ancient times is powerful. Gazing at it, I felt tiny and humbled, calmed and comforted. I thought about death and love and gratitude. It was the perfect place to be.


Beautiful sunrise from our campsite.

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