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In Zion

in zion

Well, not exactly—we’re in a town called Virgin, about 15 minutes west of Zion National Park. It took a couple of days to get up here, but we’re camped happily in a place called the Zion River Resort, and will probably be here through next Monday. There’s a lot to see here; it’s my first time to this area, and Susan’s second. She’s off hiking today while I deal with some household stuff, but I’m hoping to find some places to shoot at sunset.

The travels here were fine, although we did end up in the middle of storm front that moved through the Southwest. We saw some snow in the mountains and have had close-to-freezing temperatures at night. Luckily, we have good heat and a hot tub a short walk away, and the temperatures look to be rising later this week.

We’ll post some pictures from our time in Valley of Fire soon, but I wanted to let folks know where we were, and what we’re up to.