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The Casita’s Farewell Tour: Waldo Lake, Hart Mountain, and the desert

Our camp in the Alvord
Our camp in the Alvord.

As I write this, we are entering the third week of our Oregon trip, tucked among the brushy hummocks on the edge of the playa in the Alvord Desert, one of our favorite places in Oregon. It is a fitting place for Susan and me to close out our Casita travels, after a wonderful week in one of our old favorites, Waldo Lake, and a short week (five pretty awesome nights) in a new favorite, Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge.

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The Wallowas

wallowa lake

We spent the last week camping at Wallowa Lake State Park, which is about six miles south of the town of Joseph, in the northeastern corner of Oregon. The park is one of the small jewels of Oregon’s park system: the lake and surrounding mountains are gorgeous, unlike anything else in the state, and there are lots of hiking trails that take you deep into the Eagle Cap Wilderness area. The town of Joseph is pretty: small and arty, but it’s clear that farming and ranching remain the lifeblood of the area. The big event every year is the Chief Joseph Rodeo, which reportedly draws thousands of people to this tiny town.

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