One last jaunt through Oregon

sunset, waldo lake

Susan’s shoulder surgery was much less invasive than it could have been (they fixed a rotator cuff flap, removed some scar tissue, and did a bit of clean-up), and her physical therapy sessions have been going quite well. So much so that we decided to keep our original reservations at Waldo Lake for the week after Labor Day, and head out on our planned three-week trip through southeastern Oregon.

We’ll be at Waldo Lake for at least a week, followed by a trek to the Alvord Desert, and then on to Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge. Waldo and the Alvord are two places we love to spend time at; Hart is a place we haven’t been, but it looks to be quite amazing. We’re not sure of our itinerary after that; it will depend on how we’re feeling. One of the exciting things about this trip for us is that we will be ‘dry’ camping the entire time–there will be no hookups for power or water–and we’ll largely be disconnected from the world (also awesome). (We’ll use the generator sparingly, just to keep the Casita’s battery topped off for light and heat.)

It’s been an amazing year for us, and Waldo will be extra special this year: it was the first place Susan and I went when we got the Casita last September, but, more importantly, this will also be the farewell voyage for our little house on wheels. Our Escape has started production, and we’ll pick it up in November. (We have already started mapping out next year’s travels, and I think they’re going to be amazing.)

While we’ll be sad to see the Casita go, the great thing is that we’ve found a new home for her. Some dear friends of ours want to get into the whole ‘small RV’ thing, and when we get back into town, we’ll clean her up and let her go, with happiness.

Be well — we’ll see you back in a few weeks!

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  1. Thank you for this gorgeous photo to get me out the door this morning! Have a delightful trip you two! When you are back in town I want to have you over for dinner with Toby and Ronna too! So good to meet up with you Rick ~ wishes for a wonderful trip. Hasta Luego. ~min

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