Back on the road

The Wallowas, from Zumwalt Prairie (2010)

After two busy weeks at home, Susan and I were both itching to get back out on the road, so last Monday we loaded the Casita, hitched it to Susan’s truck and headed out to La Grande for a few days to visit with family. This morning, we have a few errands to complete, and then we’re headed up to the Wallowas for a week, to do some exploring and hiking in one of my favorite parts of the Northwest.

The area is like a cul de sac in eastern Oregon: there’s really only one main way into it, with the pretty little town of Joseph and Wallowa Lake at the very end, surrounded by the Wallowa mountain range.

It is a bit early in the season—Wallowa Lake State Park wasn’t taking reservations until next Tuesday—so we’re expecting cooler climes than what we’ve been experiencing in Portland the last week, but it should be beautiful, and the Casita will keep us snug and warm.

After a week in the area, we’re planning on heading up to Walla Walla; it’s a place both Susan and I have wanted to visit for some time (wine country!). We’ll only get a short taste of the area, but it should be enough for us to scope out future visits.

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  1. Enjoy! Sorry we missed you while you were home. We were lucky enough to have a short bit of time off to go up to Whistler and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of British Columbia. If that part of the world is not on your list, I’d encourage you to add it! Maybe when you pick up the Casita’s replacement in the autumn…

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