Road food, part 1

My idea of good “road food” has shifted dramatically in the last few years. It used to mean lots of crunchy snacks and possibly some candy to eat while driving; lunch stops at A&W or Burger King for burgers, fries and floats—the kinds of “treats” I didn’t usually eat at any other time—and some kind of easy camp dinner, usually involving large amounts of processed carbs. And possibly Spam (but that was a REALLY long time ago). Road food was kind of like fair food: you knew it wasn’t good for you, and you might be really sorry later, but it tasted so good that you didn’t care.

Since adopting a clean, whole foods, low-carb way of eating (I won’t call it a “diet”; it’s simply the way I eat), I have experienced such a huge improvement in every area of my health, energy levels and body composition, that I no longer view a road trip as an excuse to eat junk.

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Disappointment and surprise in Joshua Tree

Gorgeous vistas from above Indian Cove

Our week in the Joshua Tree area showcased both the disappointment and the luck you encounter when trying to find a good place to camp.

We wanted to go into Joshua Tree National Park after our time in Palm Springs. Some of Joshua Tree’s campgrounds are reservations-only, and when I checked those places in January, few of them had availability for more than a night or two. That worried me, but since we didn’t know when exactly we were going to Joshua Tree, there wasn’t much we could do to set up a campsite in advance. There are quite a few first-come, first-serve campgrounds in the park, so we were optimistic about our chances of finding a place.

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On to Joshua Tree


Today is our last day at Lake Cahuilla. After two weeks in one place, we are ready to move on. Yesterday, we cleaned up camp, washed the trailer, did laundry, and reprovisioned supplies in preparation to head up to Joshua Tree.

Our time here has been fun. We’ve gotten a chance to see how we do in close quarters for an extended time (pretty good, we both say), met some great people, and had a whole lot of good time with Eric and Diane, Susan’s brother and sister-in-law. We have had a lot of laughter, expeditions into the desert and great meals with them over the past two weeks, and they’ve given us a few ideas of where to go in our travels.

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Portland to Palm Springs

casita in tehachapi

We left Portland as planned, on Friday, February 26. We took a leisurely, four-day ride through southern Oregon and northern and central California. Oregon sent us on our way with some pretty crappy weather, which lasted until we drove past Mt. Shasta on Saturday morning. Since then, it’s been mostly sunny, warming up considerably here in our first extended campground in the Palm Springs area.

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