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Road Food, Part Two: What’s cooking in the Casita?

casita camp, canyonlands
Our camp at Needles Outpost, near the south entrance to Canyonlands National Park.

Five weeks into the trip, I finally got out the Crockpot! Woohoo! I was beginning to think that maybe it was an unnecessary use of storage space, but suddenly…it was the right time and place to make chili.

I seldom follow recipes exactly. One of my superpowers is the ability to take whatever random food is in the fridge and pantry and create a delicious—or at least, edible—meal out of it. This is a great skill to possess, but the downside is that many of my best creations are impossible to duplicate, because I can’t remember everything I put in them, and that particular combination of ingredients existed in my kitchen in only one moment in time and space. My family has, on occasion, found this frustrating.

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Road food, part 1

My idea of good “road food” has shifted dramatically in the last few years. It used to mean lots of crunchy snacks and possibly some candy to eat while driving; lunch stops at A&W or Burger King for burgers, fries and floats—the kinds of “treats” I didn’t usually eat at any other time—and some kind of easy camp dinner, usually involving large amounts of processed carbs. And possibly Spam (but that was a REALLY long time ago). Road food was kind of like fair food: you knew it wasn’t good for you, and you might be really sorry later, but it tasted so good that you didn’t care.

Since adopting a clean, whole foods, low-carb way of eating (I won’t call it a “diet”; it’s simply the way I eat), I have experienced such a huge improvement in every area of my health, energy levels and body composition, that I no longer view a road trip as an excuse to eat junk.

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